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Posted on 27th January 2011 in Black Metal

Yeah.  Cheesy, photoshopped band photos are always a good idea.

Moshing Penguin

Posted on 6th January 2011 in Metal Heads, Videos

A lonely mosh-pit of one.

YouTube Preview Image

Cookies of Death

Posted on 4th January 2011 in Retarded
YouTube Preview Image

Metal Rooster

Posted on 17th December 2010 in Videos
YouTube Preview Image

Finnish Metal: Air Guitar at Woodstock

Posted on 15th December 2010 in Hair Metal, Metal Heads, Videos
YouTube Preview Image
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Painful to Listen To

Posted on 14th December 2010 in Bad Metal, Drunk, Hair Metal, Retarded, Videos

Many thanks to Steel Panther and Avril Lavigne

YouTube Preview Image

I Practice my Violin in the Outhouse

Posted on 13th December 2010 in Bad Metal, Videos
YouTube Preview Image

Nine Foot Nails

Posted on 12th December 2010 in Black Metal